Temporary/Contract Employment Services

The original scope of the contracting division was to provide temporary staff into the motor industry.  This industry, with its volume fluctuations is an ideal platform for the use of temporary staff. We also supply contract staff in the Information Technology, Administrative, Telecommunications, and Banking fields.  Our turnover has increased month-on-month since inception with a continued upward trend. This success can be attributed to our high standard of service provision which to date has seen us win various staffing contracts.

  • Flexibility – Hire and pay for Staff only when you need them. Engaging contract staff for a fixed period allows the Client to overcome increases in workload without committing to an increased permanent headcount. The contracted cost portion of the workforce thus becomes a variable cost rather than a traditional fixed cost.
  • Cost reduction – The burden of staff administration (Payroll, HR/IR/Discipline) moves from the Client to us.
  • Burden of Compliance – We assume all responsibility for statutory contributions and compliance with employment legislation as well as all matters related to CCMA processes involving contracted employees.
  • Evaluation – Client’s can evaluate contract staff for permanent employment without any commitment or probationary procedures.

As prescribed in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act we have to provide for all basic statutory benefits to our contract and temporary employees.  In terms of the August 2002 amendments to the Labour Relations Act, failure to provide for these benefits would render our Clients and us jointly and severally liable.  Current legislated benefits are as follows:

Component                                                             Cost Factor

Basic salary +

Paid Leave                                                                  6.05%

Paid sick Leave                                                          4.84%

Paid Public Holidays                                                5.24%

Family Responsibility                                              1.21%

Workmen’s Compensation                                     1.50%

Unemployment Insurance                                      1.00%

Skills Development                                                   1.00%

Overtime pay                                                              as required

Shift Allowances                                                        as required

Bargaining Councils                                                 as required